Opportunity Statement

Opportunity Statement


What is an Opportunity Statement?

For every problem there is an opportunity. An Opportunity Statement is the essence of the brief around which you will develop solutions. It is based entirely on the problem you have already framed for your Persona and on which you have gathered compelling insights and evidence.

Why are they useful?

A good Opportunity Statement aligns everyone around the purpose of the project. It is future focused, clear and demonstrates how fixing a problem will make a difference for the user and benefit the business.

How to use an Opportunity Statement

Take your problem statement and rewrite it as a “How might we...” question. Keep it clear and concise. Be sure to include enough context and problem insight to help people connect back to the origins of the project. This might include clear references to specific target outcomes, audiences, or timeframes.


  • The Opportunity Statement tool works well as a group exercise.
  • Test it out by presenting it in the context of the Persona and Customer Journey.
  • Is the logic model that connects the brief to the user and to business strategy clear?