Planetary Business Model Canvas

Planetary Business Model Canvas


What’s a Planetary Business Model Canvas?

This tool builds on the Business Model Canvas, a well-known tool used for assembling the building blocks of a business case around a new concept. This canvas has been expanded to make sustainability core to business case development.

Why is it useful?   

Breaking down a business model into desirability (does the idea fulfil user needs?), feasibility (is the proposition technically and practically achievable?), and viability (might the concept fit our strategy and make business sense) can help build a business case.

Within this canvas, the traditional notions of feasibility, desirability and viability are balanced against planetary considerations. The tool can help a team simultaneously work through sustainability and business considerations as they build a business case, as opposed to one aspect following the other.

In a workshop situation, you may not have all the data and wherewithal to build a full business case. However, well-selected multidisciplinary teams are likely to bring useful know-how. This canvas will help test and advance a concept and accelerate the process of case-building.

How to use a Planetary Business Model Canvas

Start this activity once you have a completed concept proposition that has been tested with users. Place the written and visual description into the top left box. Then work through building up the other sections.


  • Brief the team on this activity in advance, as it will help to come along with some ideas in mind around environmental impacts.
  • Make good use of silent & solo working.
  • The team will need time to collect their thoughts. It can help to have completed a Stakeholder Value Network Map first.