Stakeholder Value Network Map

Stakeholder Value Network Map


What is a Stakeholder Value Network Map?

Once you have a concept, it’s important to explore the value it creates for your various stakeholders, including the end user. This tool helps you to consider your most important stakeholders and the benefits you’re generating with your solution.

Why are they useful?

A well-designed product, service or experience should create value for multiple people. The type of value will vary accordingly – such as trust, reputation, power, revenue or knowledge. Understanding the value your idea produces, enables you not only to assess the efficacy of your concept, but also to convince your key stakeholders of its wider merit.

It also helps to see a concept within a wider system and how it might directly or indirectly influence and affect different people, organisations and processes as part of a larger ecosystem.

How to use a  Stakeholder Value Network Map 

Place your concept in the centre of the map and write out the key stakeholders involved and affected by your idea. Consider the type of value that your idea is creating for each of the stakeholders. In going through this process, it may uncover further insights and highlight questions you still have to answer.


  • It’s helpful to look back at your Stakeholder Map to remind yourself of the wider system.
  • To keep it simple, focus on the top 3–6 stakeholders involved.