Story Blueprint

Story Blueprint


What’s a Story Blueprint for?

The canvas is designed to help guide a team through placing a user-focused narrative at the centre of a pitch, considering audience at every stage.

Why is it useful?   

When tasked with pitching an idea or communicating a concept, it can be easy to lose sense of precise audience, or hyper-focus on functionality or technical details. The canvas helps a team humanise their communication at speed, with a dual focus on user value and understanding audience.

How to use a Story Blueprint

Dig down into who your audience is and what they care about, then returning to your concept to agree upon priority aspects of your concept to communicate. Once priorities are agreed, use the narrative arc on the canvas to craft a user-centred story that covers those crucial elements of the pitch.


  • It is useful to have a sense of the user before arriving at this point.
  • You may wish to return to any personas you have developed, to make the story feel realistic.
  • Pay attention to the prompts on the narrative arc – they will help you build a persuasive story with highs and lows your audience can connect with.