Can you learn design thinking in just two days?
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Can you learn design thinking in just two days?

Design Thinkers Podcast #15
Design thinking

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About this podcast 

So you want to learn about design thinking but you're short of time? Well, our Design Thinking Fundamentals course may be the one for you. Taking place over just two-days at our London studio, it covers the complete double diamond and is taught by some of the most renowned facilitators in the industry. 

Adam Forbes is one such person who has taken the course. He is the founder of Familiarize, a startup passionate about customers that helps early stage founders understand them better. Adam founded Familiarize because he believed  "the old model of building products we think customers need and flogging them through advertising is dead. Previously Adam worked on the “growth” side of business, avoiding “cost cutting” wherever possible – mostly in innovation, a stint in the cabinet office’s e-government and many years in BP’s technology arm. 

In this edition of the podcast we talk to Adam about his experience on the course, what he's going to take from it and how he's going to put design thinking to use. 

If you want to find out more about the Fundamentals course, read more here. On top of our in-person courses, we also have an online alternative to Fundamentals: FastTrack Online Design Thinking 

FastTrack offers the same learnings as Fundamentals but from the comfort of your own home. Taking place over 5 sessions it's more flexible to your working schedule, yet is still taught live using Zoom and Mural.