How can design thinking improve healthcare?
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How can design thinking improve healthcare?

Design Thinkers Podcast #17
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About this podcast 

The pressures of the pandemic have left healthcare even more crippled than before. Those initial two years spent focused on containing and managing the spread of COVID-19, pushed people with other health conditions further down the priority list. With patient backlog and patient waiting times at their worst in years across the NHS, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust (GSTT) knew they needed a new approach to improve Ambulatory Care for their patients. 

In order to tackle this growing problem within healthcare, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust contacted our parent company, design consultancy DK&A, to research the problems patients are facing. They wanted the research to uncover opportunity areas for innovation, where they could improve the patient experience. The project lead for our project with GSST was our Innovation Lead Hattie Camp. 

Hattie started her career working with global brands helping clients to grow their businesses, developing new propositions and products. As her experience grew, so did her love for innovation. From products to services, she built innovative brand-led consumer experiences that were ground-breaking in their sector. Hattie then moved into third sector consulting; delivering innovation and strategy with purpose. She has since joined our team, working across multiple consultancy projects. Hattie also teaches on our design thinking courses. including our upcoming Design Thinking Fundamentals. 

In the podcast today we talk with Hattie about the project with GSST and how design thinking can be used to improve healthcare. This includes a deep dive exploration of the research process and the challenges that were overcome to produce a piece of research that could make a difference. On top of that, Hattie talks about how intro to design thinking and her terror whilst taking part in our Facilitation Mastery course, as well as looking at our Design Thinking Fundamentals course.