How to get design thinking to take off at your workplace
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How to get design thinking to take off at your workplace

Design Thinkers Podcast #14
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About this podcast 

So you’ve taken a Design Thinkers Academy London course, but what’s next? Perhaps you slot straight into a design thinking project, but what if you’re in an organisation where design thinking is almost non existent? In this podcast, design thinker and facilitator Arnoud Koning, shares all the tips and tricks you need on how you can become a design thinking champion at work and make it take off. 

Arnoud Koning is not only a facilitator at the Design Thinkers Academy London, he’s helped promote design thinking at Proctor and Gamble, one of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies. He’s also worked as a consultant for the Design Thinkers Academy London’s parent company DK&A, and advised companies on how to use design thinking. 

In the podcast Arnoud goes into depth about the different ways to implement design thinking and to become that design thinking champion; covering everything from convincing middle managers on design thinking's worth to an anecdote on how nappies brought a team together. We end the podcast with a complete summary of the best tips and tricks to get design thinking to launch in your company.