Loowatt: the future of festival toilets?
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Loowatt: the future of festival toilets?


Love festivals, but hate the toilets? Help is at hand. Jo Maude talks about her love of Loowatt, an innovative new product which has made a trip to the loo enjoyable.

There’s nothing bog standard about these toilets.

Festivals are always good fun but one of the downsides is the portaloo situation, never a pleasant experience.

I recently went to Festival No.6 in Portmeirion, Wales, and it was here I came across Loowatt toilets, and they were a delight. They are a great piece of sustainable innovation that provides a high standard user experience. Loowatt is luxury toilet technology that is environmentally friendly and also converts waste into clean energy. 

Loowatt uses biodegradable film to perform a waterless flush; the award-winning toilet also uses no chemicals. With every ‘flush’ the patented sealing mechanism conveys the film and waste down into the sealed storage area, which are then treated in energy-generating systems. A great festival experience that is odour free and clean!

The team applies the same technology in Madagascar working in cities that lack toilets and sanitation infrastructure, where the systems can transform economies and save lives.

But it’s not just the environmentally-friendly loo technology I love, it’s how thoughtful they’ve been about the whole experience. 

The toilet paper and hand towels never ran out, the soap and lotion smelled lovely and the whole area was clean and fragrant, even at 6.30am in the morning after a night of partying. And it was all eco-friendly!

Sheer joy and better than other supposedly glam toilets I’ve visited in my time. If someone could just think of a way to get rid of the queues then the next festival would be perfect.