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The Equity Activists

Design Thinkers Podcast #19
Equity by design

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About this podcast 

How might we create equality of opportunity through design and tap talent potential in a multicultural society? That's the question we sought to explore in the first event of our 2023 Good Morning Design series: The Equity Activists. 

The Equity Activists featured Design Thinkers Academy London and DK&A founder, David Kester, in conversation with the social entrepreneur, Poppy Jaman OBE, the HR expert, Loraine Matins OBE & the comedian, Ahir Shah. 

At the end of the panel discussion is an audience Q&A, for which the speakers were joined by Arup Major Project Director, Kate Hall & Assistant Director of Communities and Social Policy for the Greater London Authority, Tom Rahilly.  

The Equity Activists also saw the launch of the Mayor of London's 2023 Design Lab for Workforce Integration, which will be run by DK&A in partnership with the Black Leadership Group this year. Please get in touch if you want to find out more.