The power of prototypes
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The power of prototypes

Design Thinkers Podcast #08

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About this podcast 

In our craft series we recently introduced our new Prototyping course, which teaches participants to use prototypes to test their ideas: determining if they are solving the right problem, building the right thing, failing fast if you aren’t, and improving their concept through an iterative process of learning-by-doing. 

One of the participants on the prototyping course was Annemarie Sheridan-Antille, who knows all about the power of the prototypes due to her work in luxury fashion.  

In the latest edition of our Design Thinkers Podcast, we spoke to Annemarie to learn about her time on the prototyping course and how she uses prototypes, before focussing on her experiences working in the world of fashion with brands including Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Alexander McQueen. We also discussed the fashion industry today and the changes it needs to make to deal with the fashion crisis before us.