When design thinking & big tech took on plastics
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When design thinking & big tech took on plastics

Design Thinkers Podcast #06
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About this podcast 

In this podcast we look at how the Design Thinkers Academy London used a Design Sprint to help SAP initiate an idea that has led to real world solutions in tackling the scourge of plastics pollution. 

The podcast involves a conversation between Stephen Jamieson, Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions at SAP, Design Thinkers Academy London Founder, David Kester and environmental consultant and former BBC journalist Daniel Boettcher. In it you can learn all about the Sprint itself, the impact of Design Thinking and data on climate issues, and SAP's exciting new venture: SAP Responsible Design and Production. 

SAP Plastics Challenge 

If you want to know more about the Plastics Challenge itself, you can read this blog here. The project is licensed under Creative Commons, meaning you can access the Ethnographic Research report and the report of the Design Sprint itself here.

Design Sprint Camp: The Climate Challenge 

If you're interested in joining a similar Design Sprint, then do check out our upcoming Sprint Camp. Unlike the SAP project, this is an open course and available for all to join. It is a unique opportunity to join world-class experts in design, innovation and sustainability on a real-world challenge as together we share techniques, develop skills and co-create responsible revolutions.   

Learn to apply design thinking for sustainability, develop new solutions to a brief set with The Carbon Trust and meet like-minded innovators from around the world.