Can design thinking impact our climate crisis?
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Can design thinking impact our climate crisis?

Design Thinkers Podcast #02
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About this podcast

Our second Design Thinkers Podcast is here, this time with ‪the Climate Group‬ focussing on climate action and the role design thinking can play in the crisis facing the planet.

Hosted by former ‪BBC journalist ‪Daniel Boettcher‬ and featuring ‪Helen Clarkson‬, CEO of the Climate Group, and‪ Goldie Chaudhuri‬, Learning Designer at the Design Thinkers Academy London, we talk about sustainable diets and the impact of meat diets on the planet, COP26, understanding users & more.

This podcast was recorded after our Design Thinkers Bootcamp, with a challenge set by The Climate Group. The challenge focussed on: how might big businesses and governments focus on innovative ways to influence consumers to easily make environmentally responsible and healthier food choices?