What’s the Focus

What’s the Focus


What’s the tool for?

A quick framing process to help teams hone in on the core of what they are working in, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Why is it useful

A service concept or challenge statement can be interpreted in many ways, especially when working at speed in a team. Using the 'What's the Focus' tool can help facilitate a conversation around what’s at the centre, and create alignment.

How to use it

Every member of the team writes down a number of aspects of the focus they have in mind. Then, the team is brought together to add some hierarchy by moving stickies further or closer away from the centre of the board.


  • Allow some time for alignment, and listen to one another.
  • It might be that the core focus at the centre of the board needs re-framing after the conversation.
  • Consider combining two or three separate ideas to create a multi-faceted focus.