A digital rendering of a train platform from our consultancy work on the HS2 project
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What is DK&A?

Our strategic design consultancy for change-makers in business.

We teach & do. Alongside our executive training services with the Design Thinkers Academy London, our team offers design consultancy services to help businesses become the best innovators they can be, creating great products, services and experiences.

We combine our consultancy with coaching to leave long lasting skills and cultural legacies. Together we meet the needs of business, people & the planet. Together we create Responsible Revolutions that change the world around us for the better.

End-to-end innovation

DK&A's services deliver an end-to-end innovation journey: framing, creating & implementing solutions while building team capabilities through the Design Thinkers Academy London.

What unites the two sides of our business is our foundational belief that design is the connection between creativity & innovation. It’s how we turn ideas into new value around the needs of users.

Four people collaborating using a design thinking tool during one of our courses

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