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Bespoke services

What are bespoke courses?

Design thinking courses tailored to help accelerate innovation within your team.

Our team of expert facilitators will work with you to identify the skills your team would most benefit from developing, and then design & deliver a course to meet those requirements.

If you want a full overview of our bespoke design thinking courses, and to learn about our team, you can download the full course prospectus below.

Why design a bespoke course?

The process of designing a bespoke course reveals skills gaps within a team & creates a training programme that builds capabilities in specific areas. It ensures teams only learn what they don’t already know.

Beyond our in-house or open course offerings, creating a bespoke course gives companies more time with our team of design experts. Working collaboratively is at the heart of design thinking & this approach allows us to create tailored training to expand a team’s innovation toolkit.

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