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Mayor of London’s Design Lab

Co-creating London’s integrated workforce

Join the Design Lab

  • Are you a London employer in Green Economy, Health, Social Care, Creative, Digital or Hospitality sectors?

  • Do you recognise the business benefits of diversity?

  • Are you interested in being a leader in workforce integration?

The Design Lab is open to 60 leading London companies to benefit from the latest evidence and thinking on Anti-racism and EDI.

Supported by top experts your team will receive training, coaching and resources with the opportunity to collaborate, co-design, and drive practical change in your business, your sector and across the London economy. The only cost is time and commitment.


Find out more

You can find more detail in the prospectus, and the FAQs below, or register your interest and we will make contact to discuss the programme and answer queries.



Why get involved?

The economic case for designing equity into business is well-made. Diverse organisations perform better, have higher workforce satisfaction, secure better financial returns, and are more innovative.

The Design Lab empowers businesses to make full use of the talent we have in our city, so we build a fairer, more equal, and more prosperous London for everyone.


Who is it for?

The Design Lab is for 60 employers who want to accelerate their workforce equity and diversity plans and become sector champions.

The opportunity is for leading London employers in cohorts of 10 for each of the sectors: Green Economy, Health, Social Care, Creative, Digital and Hospitality.

You can quickly assess if your business is eligible below.


How it works

You will join a 10-month advanced company EDI programme based on participative action on Anti-racism and the dynamics of change, designed for companies, sectors and the wider community of London.

The programme is conceived to help businesses go from good-to-great, building on their existing EDI know-how and plan.

It rolls together training, coaching and collaborative design to innovate and accelerate equity within your business culture.


What you get

For your commitment you receive the full 10-month programme at no cost, including:

  • 3 collaborative workshops
  • 4 hands-on Coaching sessions
  • 1 Design Lab Symposium
  • Leading EDI and innovation experts and
  • Downloadable research, and ready-to- use
    tools and resources

You and your business will leave with know-how and practical plans. You will also be contributing to knowledge and leadership on workforce integration for London.


Is your business eligible?

You can quickly assess if your business is eligible here, or simply contact us to say why your business would be a great addition to the programme.

Your business will be:

  • A large employer with 250+ London-based employees
  • A fast-growing SME

It has:

  • Significant recruitment plans in 2023-2025 for London
  • A London-based decision centre, or with local autonomy to drive London workforce- related initiatives at pace
  • Existing EDI plans and commitments

Your business can commit:

  • C-Suite sponsorship to champion participation, communication and action
  • Dedicated core team of two HR/ Operations managers with EDI experience for x2 days/month over 10 months
  • Colleague engagement of 15 to 18 people, a cross-section of your company, for one full day

It is willing to:

  • Expand creatively on your existing EDI plans
  • Make public your commitments and support for anti-racism and EDI
  • Become a Mayoral champion for workforce integration

If your business meets these criteria and you would like to find out more about the Mayor of London's Design Lab, then please download the prospectus below.

The coaching team

Amarjit Basi

Associate Equity-by-Design Coach

David Kester

Founder & Managing Director

Goldie Chaudhuri

Associate Design Director

Tiwonge Cohn

Equity & Anti-Racism Coach

Zia Ali

Associate Learning Designer

Mo-Ling Chui

Strategy Consultant & Coach

Dave Caygill

Strategist & Coach

More information

The Design Lab is delivered by leading practitioners in EDI and collaborative innovation who work together as London Equity And Design. They are a mix of educators, HR and cultural experts, and service designers.

You can find out more about the individual coaches by clicking on their profiles below, or by getting in touch with any further questions.

Interested in joining the Mayor of London's Design Lab?

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