Meet the coaches: Arne van Oosterom
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Meet the coaches: Arne van Oosterom

Design Thinkers Podcast #07

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About this podcast 

For our design thinking open courses we have some of the best design thinking facilitators and coaches who teach at the highest level. One of those is design thinking innovator, facilitator and creative leader Arne van Oosterom, who we talk to in this latest edition of our Design Thinkers Podcast. 

You can’t outsource your empathy, you can’t outsource your innovation. 

Meet Arne van Oosterom 

Arne van Oosterom is an independent creative facilitator, leadership coach, trainer, keynote speaker and lecturer at universities around the world. In 2006 he founded the leading innovation company Design Thinkers Group and Design Thinkers Academy with teams in over 25 countries. In 2020 he founded Blue Sky Republic to provide a safe space for change agents, innovators, generalists, misfits and everyone with an open mind.  

He works with startups, governments and companies like Under Armour, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, BOSCH, Philips, SAP, ING Bank, Estée Lauder, Cartier and L’Oréal. 

In this latest podcast we talk to Arne the benefits of online learning, and all about his history in design thinking and how it's led him to where he is today.