When design thinking meets consultancy
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When design thinking meets consultancy

Podcast #05
Design thinking

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About this podcast 

As consultants, we see design thinking as one of the key skills and ways of thinking that our people need to develop to be able to solve problems and find the best solutions for our clients. 

In the latest Design Thinkers Podcast, this time on consultancy and design thinking, we spoke to one our newest facilitators, Alieu Fofanah. Alieu is a senior consultant, facilitator and leadership coach. He has worked within the private and not-for-profit sector for 12 years. He is well known for challenging mind-sets and behaviours to get leaders and teams to a place where transformative change can happen. 

For the podcast we interviewed Alieu about the world of consultancy and how lots of firms are now using a design thinking mindset. We also spoke about his own experiences and key life mantras that have got him to where he is today. 

Bringing in a design thinking methodology with a design thinking mindset is exactly the way in which consultancies, like the one I work for, have come to understand that this is what we need, as 21st century consultants, to do the best for our clients in the current market, to help solve their most pressing problems. 

If you’re interested in the type of training Alieu received, you can find more information on our bespoke courses page.