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Advanced Facilitation

Learn the skills you need to be an expert facilitator in 4 online sessions
Design Thinking


Course information

Our Advanced Facilitation online course will leave you capable of independently developing your own design thinking workshops tailored to the needs of each project & audience. The course is taught across 4 sessions, with each building your knowledge of facilitation and allowing you to get practical experience & feedback from our experienced coaches.

The course focuses on workshop development, covering the broader aspects around how to scope, frame & design workshops tailored to your audiences & intended outcomes.

While not mandatory, you are highly encouraged to start your own facilitation project in parallel to the course. Your personal project can be self-initiated and small. If you decide to do so, this will allow you to apply the theory to your own context throughout our online facilitation training & will enable you to contribute more to the group conversations by sharing your own challenges and experiences.

What you’ll learn

  • How to understand workshop audiences & common biases in the ways adults approach and integrate new learnings and information.
  • How to use design thinking to structure a workshop, and how this impacts the structure of sessions, chosen activities & flow.
  • The ways in which workshop materials can be tailored to your user (audience) and brief (intended outcomes).
  • How to develop your awareness of who are “you” as a facilitator, assessing your own personal biases & understanding your own comfort and stretch areas.

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Who’s it for?

This course is for those looking to become confident lead facilitators, able to design & deliver impactful workshops for diverse audiences and purposes. While the training is delivered online, the content is equally applicable for facilitating in-person & our expert coaches will show you the different methods you can use when facilitating in different environments. 

The course is designed for experienced design thinking facilitators or those with a knowledge of facilitation who are seeking to increase their proficiency in developing innovation sessions. For this reason, we are not able to accept people who are new to facilitation on our Advanced Facilitation course 

To gain the foundational knowledge you need before taking this course, we recommend enrolling onto our Design Thinking Facilitation or Online Design Thinking Facilitation courses. If you are unsure about which of our courses would be best suited to you, please get in touch and we can help find the right course for your experience level. 

Day-by-day summary

Day 1:

Setting a workshop brief
Setting a strong foundation

In our first session you’ll meet our expert coaches & your other participants before covering all the aspects of setting a good workshop brief. This includes how to situate a workshop within a broader business context, creating a challenge for your participants to work on & the importance of clarifying the purpose of the workshop or training you’re going to run. 

Topics covered 

  • How to set a good workshop brief 
  • Understanding the business context 
  • Scoping & framing a challenge 
  • Defining a clear workshop purpose 

Day 2:

Designing workshops tailored to the brief & user
Using design thinking to engage your audience

Not all workshops are the same. Developing an impactful workshop requires designing a design thinking process to address a brief in a way that best suits a particular audience. In the second session of this online facilitation course our expert design thinking coaches will show you how to ensure your workshops engage & inspire your audience. 

Topics covered 

  • How to use design thinking when planning a workshop 
  • Matching a brief to an audience 

Day 3:

Creating workshop materials tailored to the goals & audience
Preparing the right resources

The third day focuses on outputs, making sure a workshop is structured so to produce the right results in the right form to achieve your goals. This involves detailing & crafting workshop materials, agendas, activities & templates, along with considering the workshop space so you can use your resources most effectively. 

Topics covered 

  • Structuring a workshop to produce the right outputs 
  • Designing workshop materials 
  • Making the most out of the workshop environment (whether online or in-person) 

Day 4:

Understanding the user & you
Delivering workshops free from bias

To complete your toolkit of advanced facilitation skills, our final session focuses on understanding your workshop audience & your own personal biases. This will enable you to tailor your workshop to your audience, while ensuring you create a genuinely collaborative environment that brings the most out of your audience rather than being shaped by your own perspective. The day ends with facilitation certificates being awarded to all participants. 

Topics covered 

  • Understanding your audience 
  • Understanding yourself & your biases 
  • Creating a collaborative work environment 
  • Graduation 

Our live teaching approach

Expert coaching Reveal more
Learning from experienced design thinkers & interactive workshops.
Collaborative innovation Reveal more
Co-creating with others & exploring how to drive innovation within a team.
Networking opportunities Reveal more
Connecting with people from around the world & expanding personal networks.

The coaching team

Arnoud Koning

Design Thinking Facilitator


Can I get a refund on UK VAT?

Customers outside of the UK may be able to claim a refund for UK VAT charged on our online courses, if the customer is resident overseas and attends the course from an overseas location.

If you feel that you should be refunded UK VAT on your purchase and haven’t heard from us, please get in touch.  

Please note, VAT is not refundable on in-person courses held in the UK as per HMRC UK legislation.

How is this course different from your Online Design Thinking Facilitation course?

Advanced Facilitation is designed to be a step up from our Design Thinking Facilitation and Online Design Thinking Facilitation courses. While our entry-level courses focus more on workshop delivery, developing your in-session facilitation skills and confidence in delivering online design thinking sessions through rounds of facilitation practice and feedback, this Advanced Facilitation course focuses more on workshop development & advanced facilitation skills. 

How will the online sessions be taught?

At Design Thinkers Academy London we teach all our online courses live, creating an interactive learning environment which involves real-time facilitation & feedback from our expert coaches. Advanced Facilitation is taught through 4 live-taught online workshops across the space of 2-3 weeks.

What equipment do I need for the course?

Our coaches facilitate the sessions through Zoom, using Google Docs & Mural for communal working in an online space.

This means all you will need is a computer with a good internet connection, speakers, a microphone & a webcam. It is best to download Mural in advance of the sessions, but this can also be done on the first day if you need some assistance from our coaches.

How long will the course take?

The overall length of the course is 10 hours, which is spread across 4 online sessions lasting 2.5 hours each. The sessions will all take place within the span of 2-3 weeks.

English isn’t my first language. Does that matter?

All the workshops in this Advanced Facilitation training course are taught in English. We welcome attendees from all over the world to our courses, but in order to get the most out of the experience it is necessary to have a good knowledge of English.

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