The art of facilitation
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The art of facilitation

Design Thinkers Podcast #04

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About this podcast 

For our latest Design Thinkers Podcast, we look at the art of facilitation. Effective facilitation in the workplace has never been more important, as the world navigates the vast complexities of remote working.  

We speak with two expert facilitators about their experiences as facilitators, exploring what makes a good facilitator, whilst also looking at our new Online Design Thinking and Advanced Online Facilitation courses in detail. 

Meet the facilitators 

For the facilitation podcast we interviewed two of the lead facilitators on a lot of our open courses: Susana Osório and Arnoud Koning. 

Susana is our Head of Design and Learning Programmes. As a design thinker, designer & facilitator, Susana has been guiding teams to develop new solutions across a variety of industries and geographies, from commodity to luxury goods, for clients including Conrad Hilton Hotels and Fung Group. Her experience working with start-ups and corporates, paired with her research studies in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at TUM, have shaped her unique approach, integrating the best practices of design and start-up worlds to help companies innovate. 

Arnoud has been an active proponent of design thinking at Procter & Gamble since 2008. He has introduced user-centricity and innovation principles across a range of consumer goods categories. Now, as global business services manager with responsibility for divestiture and acquisitions, Arnoud brings design thinking to the heart of the company.