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How do you run design thinking training online?

All our online sessions are taught live by our expert coaches, we don’t use any pre-recorded material or self-learning as part of our workshops. This means we’re able to answer any questions attendees have as and when they arrive, and give specific guidance to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the course material. 

We teach our online design thinking courses primarily using Zoom, Mural, and Google Docs for collaborative working. Any software required is free to download, and our coaches will get in touch with you prior to the sessions to make sure everything is set up correctly and all attendees know how to use the tools

Do attendees get design thinking certification?

Yes, at the end of our courses we send out certificates to all attendees after completing a design thinking course online. This is not an official design thinking accreditation, but you can use this design thinking certification online by adding it to your LinkedIn profile to advertise the skills you have acquired through our courses.

How do I choose between design thinking online courses?

If you’re deciding between different design thinking courses then the main things to consider are your level of knowledge and what skills you’re looking to learn. We offer introductory courses such as FastTrack Design Thinking, facilitation courses for more experienced design thinkers such as Online Design Thinking Facilitation, and 1-day courses dedicated to specific skills such as Prototyping and Service Blueprinting. In addition to this we also offer online systems thinking training through our Systems Thinking Essentials course

Our team are always happy to help find the right course for you if you’re unsure what’s right for you. Simply get in touch through our contact us page or the chatbot on this page. 

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