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What’s involved in a design thinking workshop?

The content of each of our workshops varies depending on the course you’re taking, but in general our expert coaches will take you through how to approach problems like a designer & guide you through how to use design thinking tools to enhance your working practices. 

A central part of how we teach design thinking as a ‘teach & do’ company is to provide practical examples of how design thinking methods & tools can be used in real-life scenarios. Participants of our courses leave not only with a strong theoretical understanding of design thinking, but also the knowledge of how to apply it in their work more broadly. 

Do you offer design thinking short courses?

Yes, our courses vary in length between 2 and 5 days/sessions, with options for both online and in-person learning. If you want to get to grips with the basics of design thinking in a short space of time, our 2 day Design Thinking Fundamentals course is a great place to start.

Where are your design thinking workshops taught?

We teach all of our design thinking workshops in London. The studio is in Wandsworth, West London and all of our courses are taught in this venue, with the exception of the online design thinking courses we offer.

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