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Facilitation Mastery

Perfect your facilitation skills with guidance from our expert coaches
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Our elite Facilitation Mastery course builds on your strengths and helps you master your facilitation style across 2 days at our design studio in London. Using your own live project, you’ll gain valuable insight into your influence as a facilitator, learn advanced design thinking tools and create your own specialist toolkit. Follow up video one-to-one coaching ensures you’re supported whilst embedding everything you learn from this facilitation training into your everyday practice.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced design thinking tools & methods to help take your facilitation skills to the next level.
  • How to Apply advanced facilitation methods & techniques to your own context and personal projects.
  • Getting the most out of participants’ contributions by understanding group dynamics and steering interactions.
  • How to assess your personal facilitation technique constructively & identify concrete steps to accelerate the development of your facilitation skills.
  • The process of creating specialist, tailor-made tools for workshops & advanced sessions.

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Who’s it for?

Our Facilitation Mastery course is specifically designed for people who already have a solid grounding in facilitation & want to move beyond the standard set of tools & techniques. Our expert coaches give feedback throughout the two days & use video recording to assess your facilitation technique & discover where you can improve. 

People from the UK and all over the world attend our facilitation courses, and the content is suitable for a broad range of industries. We have had attendees who work in consultancies, government institutions, universities, large corporates, start-ups & more, and each of them has left with facilitation skills they can apply within their work. 

Facilitation Mastery is a natural progression from our Design Thinking Facilitation or Online Design Thinking Facilitation courses. Prior attendance at a Design Thinkers Academy London course is not a prerequisite. As long as you have experience of facilitation this course will be a great fit for you, so please get in touch if you’re unsure and we can help find you the right course.  

Day-by-day summary

Day 1:

Theory & reflection
Learning advanced facilitation skills

The first day starts with exercises that help you reveal insights about yourself, your participants & your teams. You’ll reflect on a combination of your own style and the styles of others, discovering how to enhance team members’ core qualities & respond to their learning style preferences. You’ll also learn how to understand and guide the team formation process. The theory will be brought to life through direct application to your ‘live’ personal project and the coaches will help you troubleshoot some of the challenges you face as a design thinking facilitator. 

Topics covered 

  • Learning about yourself & your style  
  • How to match facilitation to the intended audience 
  • Catering to different learning styles within a group 
  • Forming effective teams 
  • Common facilitation problems & how to mitigate them  

Day 2:

Practice & development
Facilitating, assessing & improving

Day two provides an opportunity for you to facilitate a session of your own. This is filmed, providing you with the opportunity to self-assess in tandem with valuable peer feedback & expert advice from our coaches. You’ll learn how to create specialist, tailor-made tools & will also have the chance to learn from watching & analysing your peers’ sessions.

Our facilitation coaches will then guide you through a self-development exercise and personal planning session, so that you leave the course with a concrete, actionable roadmap to use your new skills beyond this training.  

Topics covered 

  • Assessing facilitation skills 
  • Watching & analysing video footage to see how to improve 
  • Self-development beyond the workshop 
  • Planning how to use these facilitation skills in your work 

Our live teaching approach

Expert coaching Reveal more
Learning from experienced design thinkers & interactive workshops.
Collaborative innovation Reveal more
Co-creating with others & exploring how to drive innovation within a team.
Networking opportunities Reveal more
Connecting with people from around the world & expanding personal networks.

The coaching team

Arnoud Koning

Design Thinking Facilitator


How does this course differ from your Advanced Facilitation course?

The main difference between our Facilitation Mastery and Advanced Facilitation courses is how they are delivered. Facilitation Mastery is taught in-person at our studio in London over the course of 2 days, whereas Advanced Facilitation is taught online across 4 sessions. 

The two courses both serve to build on facilitation skills for people already familiar with design thinking and running workshops, and both teach similar skills & techniques. The main bonus you get by attending Facilitation Mastery is the chance to have your facilitation recorded & to review this with our expert coaches to get personalised feedback. 

Does Facilitation Mastery relate your Design Thinking Facilitation course? 

This course further develops the skills you learn in our Design Thinking Facilitation or Online Design Thinking Facilitation courses. These are more introductory and are suitable for people who have experience in applying design thinking to their innovation projects and are familiar with using the main design thinking tools, but are not experienced facilitators. 

Facilitation Mastery has been developed for design thinking practitioners who are already experienced at running workshops and want to hone their facilitation techniques to a more advanced level. You will learn more about group dynamics, learning styles, advanced design thinking tools and have the opportunity to create your own tools. You will also receive more personalised support and feedback on this course. 

Are meals provided?

Yes, we provide a vegetarian lunch every day for all attendees. If you have any specific dietary requirements please get in touch and we will make sure something suitable is served for you. 

Where is the course taught? 

This facilitation training course is taught at our design studio in London, UK. To find out how to get to the studio, please see our contact page

Does it matter if English isn’t my first language? 

People from all over the world attend our design thinking courses, but it is necessary to have a good level of spoken English to get the most out of our courses, as they are all live taught in English. 

Is this a residential course? 

No, while the course is taught at our London studio, participants from outside the capital will need to book accommodation. Please get in touch if you would like a list of local hotels. 

Why do prices include UK VAT?

As per HMRC UK legislation, it is mandatory for us to charge UK VAT on all in-person courses held in the UK, regardless of where a customer is located. 

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