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How do I know which facilitation course is right for me?

We offer facilitation courses to match all levels of experience, so the answer to this question will largely depend on your previous knowledge of design thinking & facilitation. In general, we require participants of our facilitation courses to have some prior knowledge of design thinking – usually through taking one of our design thinking courses

For people who are new to facilitation, we run both online and in-person facilitation courses that give you a grounding in how to use design thinking when facilitating. In addition to this we run an online Advanced Facilitation course and in-person Facilitation Mastery course for experienced facilitators who want to take their skills to the next level. 

How does design thinking facilitator training work?

In our facilitation workshops we build upon the principles of design thinking & show you how these approaches and tools can be used to guide your own sessions.  

The content of each course is slightly different, but all of them involve hands-on experience of facilitating in front of a group, with feedback & guidance provided by our expert coaches. By using design thinking for training and development we help our attendees solidify their knowledge of this methodology, and show them how to bring others along on the journey. 

Do you offer online facilitation courses?

Yes, we offer both in-person and online facilitation courses. Our online facilitation workshops will teach you how to keep your audience engaged & drive change even when physically separated from your team.

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